Product Care

Wood Furniture Care

Teak ladders, stools, and sidetables

Wood is a natural material so it can absorb and retain moisture when there are changes in humidity and temperature in your home. When this happens, it is normal for your furniture pieces to warp, swell, and crack.


Follow these tips prevent changes in temperature and humidity from affecting your stools, side-tables, and ladders:

1. Apply wood conditioner such as Howard’s Feed-n-wax every month or when your furniture looks a little dry.
2. Avoid excess heat, cold, moisture, and dryness. Everything in moderation.
3. Do not keep in your bathroom, shower, outside in direct sunlight or rain
4. Keep your furniture pieces in a place that is 70°- 72°F as wood likes moderate temperatures.


We can try our best to follow these tips, but we need to remember that wood is a natural material and it is normal for it to crack and split. In that case, here are a few ideas if it happens:

1. Fill it with wood putty or wood glue mixed with sawdust
2. Fill it with epoxy resin
3. Embrace the imperfection😉